New Introducing our loader & dashboard

The new standard in game cheats.

Push your gaming experience to the next level

Friendly interface. Sleek visuals. Powerful functionality.
Hash has been designed with these ideals in mind.

The complete solution

Hash builds powerful and flexible cheats for multiplayer games.
Whether you’re hiding your cheats or not, Hash will always come out on top while being affordable and easy to use.

 How about something free?

We’ve got you covered. Hash offers a fully-featured CS:GO cheat; absolutely free.
It has been undetected since January 2019 and as such, we strive to remain as one of the best free cheats with low detection rates.

Features Paid Free
Automatically supports new CS:GO updates
Extendable via scripting -
High performance 2
High quality
Legit features
Rage features (MM) -
Simple to use
* Donators have access to an auto-updating build of Hash External.
** Performance greatly depends on PC specifications.

 Sophisticated dashboard

Built from the ground up, our dashboard includes but is not limited to: easy access to all of our products, 1-click hardware identifier resets, product statuses and our referral system.

 Stunning design

Our developers believe that good design makes up a large part of user satisfaction. You can expect professional UI/UX integrated with robust features in all our products.

 Advanced scripting platform

Hash incorporates the powerful AngelScript scripting language. Heavily inspired by the C/C++ syntax, it’s easy to extend the feature set by writing your own scripts!

* Currently only available for Hash Internal.

 Unique referral system

Every user that you refer will grant you and the referred user 7 days of bonus subscription time. Customers with at least 5 referrals are entitied to 30 days of extra bonus subscription time!

* You must have an active subscription to use the referral system referrals. Bonuses will no longer be granted after 50 referrals.

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